Action without action.

Wei Wu Wei roughly translated means "Action without action". While we're not hardcore raiders anymore (although many of us have been in the past) we still put in enough time and effort to let us stay at the top of the game while maintaining a friendly and understanding atmosphere.

We're always interested in recruiting people of a similar mindset to us to expand and shore up our raid team. If you're interested in joining us you can register on the forums and throw up an application, or grab an officer in game for a chat.

5/9 M

Tomb of Sargeras

4/10 M


What do you call a Tauren Demon Hunter?

2nd December 2017

An Illidairy..... not even sorry for that one but I am sorry I haven't had a news update for so long, been a rough few weeks and I like to keep these full of positive news although I will mention that unfortunatly we lost a few of our long term raiders from the team and I think we are all sad to see them go. But we shall go on like we always have.

So... Antorus eh? We had our first step into normal the other night and despite a few teething problems on Varimathras we managed to clear 9/11 with only Aggramar and the big bad himself Argus to go. Must say for myself the change of scenery was welcome as I think we have all been getting a bit fed up with Tomb. Plan is to get normal mopped up then make our push through heroic lets aim to clear heroic in record time this teir I mean we are potentially going to be the top alliance guild on our cluster so lets represent like it ey?

Tactics revision and a good amount of character prep if you haven't done it would be advised there have been a number of threads in the forums about addons that help so lets all be looking at those and get ready to give everything you have for this next progression push! At least we wont have as many horrible raid wipey soaks to deal with this tier....

Hosted their own desolation... (Yes, I know they are getting worse) 30th October 2017

So, Desolate Host down and our re-kill done apologies for the late updates people but the beacons were lit Gondor called for aid. Been a slow few weeks for WoW and I think everyone is feeling the Tomb Raiding fatigue, I will make a note to ask Miss Croft if she has any Signs are down which is not a wonderful thing but I think we are all winding down in preparation for Antorus. Would have been nice to get Mistress Sassy (thanks Cel) down but with a couple of major game releases coinciding with a natural lull in raiding activity it would seem it’s not our Destiny.... (I'm here all night) to achieve this goal unless we pull some super serious focus out for these last few lockouts.

On a lighter note! Social features added to which gives us another chat room and voice chat channel strangely like what we already have as a Discord but hey we get to choose snazzy avatars for our battle tags, I do wonder if I am the only one upset that I couldn't choose an Illidan avatar maybe it drops in a loot crate or something...

Blizzcon in less than 5 days from me writing and posting this, I will be attempting to relay all information through guild channels while I am watching the event or you could just wait for MMO Champion or your preferred news site, but if you didn't get hold of a virtual ticket or are not going physically this year then I will try and relay all info I can to a thread on these forums as well as our Discord channel. It would be a massive shock to not get an expansion reveal this Blizzcon so we could be in for some good old hype generating news remember every expansion that drops now is one step further away from WoD. My predictions are the Blizzcon mount that was released was a teaser for our new hub for next expansion where we basically get our own ship which uses the technology they have been testing with the Vindicaar moving around Argus, which seems cool to me. Many leaks abound but there's solid consensus across the board of maybe sub races as customization options, sea themed expansion so hello Azshara + N'zoth and a few hints to there being a yet unexplored southern hemisphere.......guess we will see on Friday! I'm sort of excited how about everyone else?

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Four of Nine and we're Over the Moon 5th October 2017

Raiding triumphs in the Tomb continue as we pull a full Sister act and get the troublesome trio down, with the mythic mechanic of stand still and don't move.... being well interesting. It was a tough learning experience but we managed it, onwards we trudge to Desolate host to continue our Tomb Raiding thanks for the spear hotfix Blizzard... perfect timing.

In other news our Papa Bear has ressurected our weekly little transmog theme activity so get out there and collect some appearances so you can join in its a good bit of fun and it only gets better the more people participate. We welcome a few new recruits since our last news update but also lament the loss of some of our members due to that pesky real life thing I keep hearing all about..... sounds like a drag to be honest.

Some are more ahead than others in the new artifact grind as usual but I would stress mainly for our DPS players that getting your concordance level up to be able to have level 3 relic slots across the board will help us all so go indulge in everyones favourite Legion activity..... farming AP... yay? Finally as we near Blizzcon and the more or less confirmed announcement of the next expansion are we all getting a little hyped? For those of you without a Virtual Ticket for Blizzcon I would advise keeping an eye on the MMO Champion news feed, although I'll probably be gushing about it all in /g anyways.

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Did anyone order the Sushi? 19th September 2017

So with the empowerment's granted to us all through the Netherlight crucible which isn't macabre in any way considering its essentially a fireplace fueled by a bit of dead windchime and a bit of dead purple amalgamation. We managed to make short work of Harjatan this week as we were coming so close to downing him before our enhancement it just ended up being a bit of a sure thing.

This of course pushes us up to 3/9 in our progression through Mythic tomb which is a great result and with 4/9 looking to be very achievable in the next lockout so we can add Sisters to our belt and maybe get some tasty owls into the bargain.

As we reach what is the cessation for now of the story heavy element of this patch, what did everyone think? I know I enjoyed the new bit of storyline even if the dungeon was a bit of a let down. Finally Blizzcon 2017 is on the horizon which it seems a high chance we will see what our next expansion will be after we deal with Sargeras in Antorus that is much hype to ensue!

Also as a sidenote the green laser coming out of the top of the Tomb Of Sargeras is dangerous.... who knew? Sorry Boss but we do not negotiate with pirates :P

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