Action without action.

Wei Wu Wei roughly translated means "Action without action". While we're not hardcore raiders anymore (although many of us have been in the past) we still put in enough time and effort to let us stay at the top of the game while maintaining a friendly and understanding atmosphere.

We're always interested in recruiting people of a similar mindset to us to expand and shore up our raid team. If you're interested in joining us you can register on the forums and throw up an application, or grab an officer in game for a chat.

1/9 M

Tomb of Sargeras

4/10 M


Did anyone order the Sushi?

19th September 2017

So with the empowerment's granted to us all through the Netherlight crucible which isn't macabre in any way considering its essentially a fireplace fueled by a bit of dead windchime and a bit of dead purple amalgamation. We managed to make short work of Harjatan this week as we were coming so close to downing him before our enhancement it just ended up being a bit of a sure thing.

This of course pushes us up to 3/9 in our progression through Mythic tomb which is a great result and with 4/9 looking to be very achievable in the next lockout so we can add Sisters to our belt and maybe get some tasty owls into the bargain.

As we reach what is the cessation for now of the story heavy element of this patch, what did everyone think? I know I enjoyed the new bit of storyline even if the dungeon was a bit of a let down. Finally Blizzcon 2017 is on the horizon which it seems a high chance we will see what our next expansion will be after we deal with Sargeras in Antorus that is much hype to ensue!

Also as a sidenote the green laser coming out of the top of the Tomb Of Sargeras is dangerous.... who knew? Sorry Boss but we do not negotiate with pirates :P

Argus Here We Come! 28th August 2017

With patch 7.3 imminent I would advise everyone to make the round of Wowhead and MMO Champion in order to see what is generally going to be in store for the new patch as theres a whole lot of content coming our way with a few minor changes to how things work.

Defiled Runes - You are going to want to shift these beyond keeping enough for yourself as the new faction brings a perma rune similar to what we had in Tanaan Jungle.

Order Hall Resources - You want to stock up on these as they will be needed for some special troop types for some of the new order hall missions they start at about 900 resources for each one also on this note try and get at least a few champions to item level 900 if you havent already to enable you to jump right into these new missions, but also there are catch up items available that take your followers right to item level 900.

Blood Of Sargeras - You are likly going to want to bank these as they will come in useful for things like primal obliterum (it could also be a good time to sell said obliterum as the patch drops as we will be in a high demand state)

Goblin Gliders - No flying on Argus... so yup these are going to be a thing again, dust them off and start getting ready to use em.

Relics - No brainer but save your high ilvl ones although this isnt a huge thing as expect to see a fair few of these from world quests at higher item levels than are currently available but do bear in mind the Nether Crucible wont open til week 4 and this is an ACCOUNT wide unlock.

Full patch survival guides are available through MMO Champion and Wowhead etc would advise at least giving them a slight look so you stay one step ahead of the game going into what will likly be the penultimate patch of Legion.

So other than these little tips and such I would like to welcome our new members hope you enjoy your time here as a part of our family and team.

Finally but by no means least we got Goroth down ladies and gents officially making our steps back onto the mythic progression ladder after our team numbers hiatus and it feels goooood. Expect to see Demonic Inquistion drop soon as well I have faith that we will send them packing if not this week for sure!

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Eredar? More like Ere"done" 3rd August 2017

This week we got our Kil'Jeaden kill which is both a relief and a great achievement it is a shame we couldn't reprise the kill for the second lockout but it has highlighted that some learning is still required. We got our first steps into Mythic however this week and if we keep our level of signs up I fully see us getting Goroth down in the next lockouts maybe even the first three bosses... let's all bring our "A" games and get it done!

Not a huge amount of other news this week been a fairly quiet fortnight although I haven't been online a huge amount so may have missed some things, on that note if anyone has something they would like shouted out or brought to notice in these updates feel free to jot them all on an in game mail or just throw them at me.

Let's bring our Mythic focus this week and get our foot on the ladder! We are still recruiting of course for various roles so get those feelers out there and point recruits towards the forums/officers.

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Lets "Kill"Jaedan 19th July 2017

I promised myself I would avoid puns in these news updates....but "I was not prepared" to keep that up

So another fortnight another news update, progress through Tomb has had great momentum all in all. Getting Avatar down was a great win and if this weeks farm kill of him was anything to judge by the learning wipes prepared us adimirably for the fight on Mythic. Kil'jaedan unfortunatly as expected is proving to be a bit of a roadblock but we made great progress on him last raid night getting sub 20% really does point to us getting that kill this lockout so lets all knuckle down bring our game faces and whack that Eredar scum upside the head.

I would like to extend a welcome to our new recruits and hope that they enjoy their time with Wei Wu Wei.

In other news Black Temple timewalking was a great off schedule event that alot of us participated in and indeed for a good few of us was a trip down memory lane stepping through those halls again. We were prepared and we managed to clear the entire run only having a few blips on Illidan cause he actually had mechanics...! For those that participated I hope you all had fun and to our resident cake scoffing warlock Demodan thanks for organising it was an enjoyable way to spend Sunday evening.


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