Action without action.

Wei Wu Wei roughly translated means "Action without action". While we're not hardcore raiders anymore (although many of us have been in the past) we still put in enough time and effort to let us stay at the top of the game while maintaining a friendly and understanding atmosphere.

We're always interested in recruiting people of a similar mindset to us to expand and shore up our raid team. If you're interested in joining us you can register on the forums and throw up an application, or grab an officer in game for a chat.

8/10 H

The Nighthold

7/7 M

Emerald Nightmare

New year, new raids, same old game.

5th January 2017

Legions launch was relatively smooth, with a few new players slotting into the raid team and old ones returning, steady progression keeping our moral high and generally good times in new instances. The mythic plus grind is real, but luckily as most people approach max artefact knowledge, farming up those 35+ artefact weapon traits is becoming more achievable and less grueling. The legendary debacle is calming slightly but I think even those of us who were blessed by the random number gods can appreciate what a terrible system for sucess its been. All I can say to those of you still waiting for a legendary that is even remotely useful to you is, Hang in there you never know when Prydas is waiting for you round the corner, and your better off not knowing really you'd never get out of bed.

In more useful intelligence we've cleared ToV heroic and 5/7 mythic EN boss's to date, who knows where we'll be next week? Nighthold soon!

Halls of Pain 16th November 2016

We tried HoV on heroic last lockout as a bit of a break from our regular mythic progress in EN.


We'll be heading back to it in a few weeks once we've cleared a bit more of what we're doing now. Look to see kills on Dragons and Ursoc in the very near future.

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And we're off! 23rd September 2016

Our first raid of Legion took place last night, going 7/7 in Emerald Nightmare. It was an exploratory evening with a huge turn out, so thank you to everyone.

Next up we'll be strolling into Heroic and seeing what the real bosses are up to. See you Saturday.

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We are prepared 13th July 2016

Just in time for Legion, it's time to launch the new website.

There's a huge number of changes, so for the full lowdown check out the forum post. You will need to reset your password if you already have an account with us, you can do that here. If you have any issues just give me a shout in-game.

If you have any feature suggestions you can make them on the forums!

See you on the Broken Isles.

-- Dan

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