Action without action.

Wei Wu Wei roughly translated means "Action without action". While we're not hardcore raiders anymore (although many of us have been in the past) we still put in enough time and effort to let us stay at the top of the game while maintaining a friendly and understanding atmosphere.

We're always interested in recruiting people of a similar mindset to us to expand and shore up our raid team. If you're interested in joining us you can register on the forums and throw up an application, or grab an officer in game for a chat.

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The Nighthold

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Emerald Nightmare

Lets "Kill"Jaedan

19th July 2017

I promised myself I would avoid puns in these news updates....but "I was not prepared" to keep that up

So another fortnight another news update, progress through Tomb has had great momentum all in all getting Avatar down was a great win and if this weeks farm kill of him was anything to judge by the learning wipes prepared us adimirably for the fight on Mythic. Kil'jaedan unfortunatly as expected is proving to be a bit of a roadblock but we made great progress on him last raid night getting sub 20% really does point to us getting that kill this lockout so lets all knuckle down bring our game faces and whack that Eredar scum upside the head.

I would like to extend a welcome to our new recruits and hope that they enjoy their time with Wei Wu Wei.

In other news Black Temple timewalking was a great off schedule event that alot of us participated in and indeed for a good few of us was a trip down memory lane stepping through those halls again. We were prepared and we managed to clear the entire run only having a few blips on Illidan cause he actually had mechanics...! For those that participated I hope you all had fun and to our resident cake scoffing warlock Demodan thanks for organising it was an enjoyable way to spend Sunday evening.


News Update 5th July 2017

So we are making solid progress through tomb heroic which is a delight to see having grabbed our first Maiden kill in one of our famous “high focus last pulls” deserved as well after the large portion of the even spent learning the boss and having various silly mistakes from all angles (I still hate those bombs - TJ) . Despite hitting a roadblock with Avatar for now im sure this weeks runs as well as greater gear levels will see him fall soon that Sub 20% wipe is a sure sign of that. Hopefully we will have kill videos being made available soon but reserving the screenshots for those beefy Mythic kills I have however been out scouring the world for bonfires this week and found this view of Argus rising over (insert location) to be particularly picturesque.

Speaking of Argus we saw a huge amount of datamined info come out about our next step through Legion this week, it would seem in the next tier we fight Titans and a planet? No sign of the confrontation with big bad Sargeras yet but there is still time I recommend checking out the updates via MMO Champ/Wowhead and get all hyped about Argus!


We are still looking for those last few spots to bolster our mythic roster in particular supplements to both our healing team and our DPS team, so go forth and lets drum up some interest for the guild tell your friends… get them to tell their friends… and so on and so on.

Remember “The More You Put In – The More You Get Out”

– Khondurt/TJ

P.S This will mark the beginning of what I hope to be either weekly or bi-weekly updates to our front page to recap the events that have transgressed since the last like a true news feed, still early days so bear with me though also extra credit given to any who can place any of my random screenshots.

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Tomb recruitment and opening week. 30th June 2017

Tomb of Sargeras has opened and its been a refreshing week for us, clearing normal and downing 5 boss's in the first week was a quick win for everyone and we'r looking for fast strong progression as we move deeper into heroic and ultimately mythic.

Recruitment is raising its ugly head again but we're looking forward to welcome dps and healers into our ranks.

If your coming across us for the first time let me give you a brief overview. Wei Wu We have been successfully raiding the hardest content since we formed at the beginning of WotLK on the Sha'tar (though we now have members from across our connect realms, Moonglade and Steamwheedle Cartel). The guild has worn many faces in that time with roster changes but has remained one of the best guilds to raid in on our connected realms. We are focused on raiding but members regularly organise social pvp, mythic+ and other activities on an ad hoc basis, the more you put in - the more you get out.

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Mythic Back on track. 5th April 2017

This Chronomatic Mythic kill

After a period of recruitment and recuperation we'r back doing what we do.

Looking forward to Tomb of Sargeras?

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