Scarlett/Beluah - Updated

I've been really naughty and not followed the application this time round, due to already being in the guild, however wished to make an official 'offer of services', as it were.

I've finally began to catch up in gear, and knowledge of the raid encounters, and would like to potentially step beyond the realms of social'ness, and trial at some point as a tank for you guys, I understand you already have 2 tanks, so I'm offering to be a bench warmer essentially. :P

I can make your raiding schedule with no issues, being that I only have my son on weekends, and there's always someone else here if he were to wake up.

Here's my stuff!

This character wasn't alive prior to this expansion so no shown raiding experience there, however it looks something like;

ICC - 12/12 Heroic, Ruby Sanctum 1/1 Heroic, Bastion of Twilight 4/4 Heroic, Firelands 7/7 Heroic, Dragon Soul 9/9 Heroic, Throne of Thunder 11/13 Heroic (10 Man Dark Animus was just silly), Highmaul 7/7Heroic & 2/7 Mythic (could never recruit enough members, then had a child & took somewhat of a break from organised raiding.) Blackrock Foundry 10/10 Heroic as a casual raider in BBC News on Ravencrest, World Rank 400~ or so.

Achievements/Kills can be found scattered over the following characters;

I have healed for the last 8~ years, however after switching to tanking and learning Brewmaster this expansion so Amii can be a restotree in dungeons, I've found a new passion :>

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Hi Beluah - Its slightly unclear what your offering (would the application template have helped?) is this a raider app?

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