Name: Florian

Age: 16

Location: Netherlands

Character name: Surrim

Class: Demon hunter

Spec: Havoc

Race: Night Elf


Attendancy: 80%, on monday and wednesday I always will be able to come but on Saturday i have to work sometimes.

Speaking: I do have Mumble and I do have a microphone but I don't prefer talking.

Other guilds: I'm currently in Rédemption but before that I was in Daybreak.

Why i'm here appyling: Well a friend of my guild just quit my guild and joined your guild. He said that the members from WeiWuWei were far more social and better in the game. I also wanted to join because I wanted to raid heroic difficulty and even Mythic which I did in WoD.

How do your take your tea: ????

On the 24th i'll be off for 2,5 week so i won't be able to come raid.

I really hope that i'll be able to join the guild so that i can become better and enjoy high rated raiding again!

Kind regards, Surrim/Florian.

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Thankyou for your application we will get back to you with a response as soon as we can.

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Hi Florian,

Thanks a lot for your application. The officers have talks about it and at this time we cannot offer you a raid trial with us, we have rather a lot of melee dps, a couple of them new recruits gearing up who would be in loot competition with you. If you want more personal feedback don't hesitate to contact me in game for a chat. If you do find yourself still interested in joining we can offer you a social spot and of course your welcome to make a new application in the future.

Regards, Grend

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