Andais app (holy/shadow priest)


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Hey, thanks for the app, we'll review it and get back to you soonish.

I'm assuming you're not actually holy main and offspec, might want to nip in and edit that.

Armoury Link

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Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you, busy weekend =)

We've reviewed your application and I'm afraid we're currently not willing to offer you a raid trial for a number of reasons, we wish you the best of luck finding somewhere you can flourish.

Reading back over your application with a critical eye I see the all too common mistakes of not bothering to capitalise anything and indications that you haven't checked your application before hitting post. As a raid and guild leader your post looks rushed and sloppy, it'd be worth a lot to spend a touch more time on any future application forms you fill in and make sure you go back over and do a cursory grammar check. If your form is easy to read, then the person reading your application is pre-disposed to like you which probably will increase your chances, and certainly can't hurt them. Please don't consider these comments any kind of personal attack, I've just seen a lot of poorly written applications recently and I thought it only fair to share this with you.

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