Fosni's Application

Who are you :

Name - Magnus

Age - 21

Location - Norway

What you play :

Character name - Fosni

Class - Priest

Specs - Shadow, offpsec holy

Race - Human

Armory -

Other stuff :

My attendece should be good, with the exception of some Saturdays

I have mumble and i do have a microphone

My previous guilds have been Dark Glare, and previously Uprising, the reason for me moving guilds is because the raiding teams have fallen apart, and i still want to do some form of progression raiding.

Tea?? Coffee <:

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Thanks for the application Magnus,

The officers will look it over and get back to you soon.

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Hi Magnus,

We've talked it over and would like to offer you a trial spot with us. /w an officer in game for an invitation.


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