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The "Who are you" bit

  A gamer who is looking for a mature environment :)

Name: Stefan

Age: 30

Location: Norway

The "What you play" bit

I used to main a paladin from the start of TBC all the way till the end of WOTLK. Since legion was released i play a fury warrior (don't have any active alts) I like to stick to one char and try to make him the best :)

Character Name: Googl├Ęs

Class: Warrior

Spec(s): (Please indicate which spec you consider your primary) Fury

Race: Dranei

What's your gear like?: (link to armoury saves us some time)

The "Other stuff" bit

I always loved wow. Fell in love with it since i started playing it and that's at the start of Burning Crusade. I played through the whole Burning Crusade on the Bloodhoof Server. Managed to get server first in BT/Sunwell I raided through the whole expansion in a guild called Novus Ordo Seclorum ( best times :) ) WOTLK came and we raided some more,did Naxx,Ulduar,Trial of the crusader,Icc Break came after that expansion.I started playing again semi serious again in Draenor,nothing fancy tho. I decided to come back and check out Legion. So i did,got together with some old guildies and started with the new raid Emerald Nightmare. Managed to kill some mythic bosses in there. Another break came due to real life. GF/Dog/Work :) Now i'm back and i would like to be a part of something that is serious but fun in the same time.

We raid Monday, Thursday and Saturday 20 - 23 Server. What level of attendance are you likely to make?

Depends on my working schedule. I work as a waiter and the schedule can vary from week to week. For example. This monday i have an early shift,i start at 11 and i finish at 17 and next monday i can work a late shift from 17-22. Will do my best to try and avoid working late on mondays/thursdays ;)

We use Mumble to communicate during raids, do you have it/can you get it and do you have a microphone?

I do have a working headset o/

What other guilds have you been in, and why did you move on?

Novus Ordo Seclorum - Burning Crusade-WOTLK Favourite Sinn - Legion Both on the Bloodhoof server.

Why are you applying here? I feel that this guild has a good community o/

How do you take your tea? Depends on the tea

Anything else you feel we should know?

Say no to racism :)

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