Raider Application: Windwalker Monk (Luthiën)

Hello there!

Name: Nick

Age: 29

Location: Finland (but not FROM Finland, I am Dutch)

Character Name: Luthiën

Class: Monk

Spec(s): Mainspec Windwalker with some light Mistweaving on the side. Not geared for the latter.

Race: Human.

Gear:ën (I know some pieces aren't gemmed/enchanted, this is because I currently do not raid. Should my application be accepted, this will be fixed.)

I can probably attend the vast majority of raids for the full duration of the run. I don't have mumble, but I'm willing to get and use it. I was in Fracture raiding EN for a while. I quit raiding because of health issues I was having at the time, and then the guild dissolved for unrelated reasons. I am applying because I want to raid again, I've been feeling restless without anything to try and achieve in the game. I take my tea with lots of sugar, I have a major sweet tooth!

I enjoy collecting (and have a large collection of) achievements, mounts, pets and titles. I am also a big aficionado of PvP. Really love battlegrounds, enjoy Arenas a lot too.

Oh, and I've been playing since late vanilla, but only seriously raided in late WotLK and early Legion. I consider myself to be a capable player and like to do my boss research beforehand!

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Thanks for the application Nick, we'll get back to you asap.

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Hi Nick,

Thanks again for your interest - this time sadly we are going to have to turn you down.

Best luck finding the right guild for you.

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That's a pity! May I ask why?

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Of course,

Currently we have a fairly full roster and as we have 9 melee we could only really consider a melee application that was going to be an immediate benefit to us, i.e. someone who is currently geared for raiding mythic content and who has a proven history of doing that content successfully.

Your character is at the gearing up stage and your recent raiding history doesn't inspire confidence in us that we would see a return on the investment gearing you up and potentially benching other melee dps would bring.

We do sometimes consider people for other roles, but in your case sadly we also already have 2 mist weavers and a full complement of tanks.

Your application in other respects was good, you seem like a nice guy and if it had been the beginning of the tier or we had been in need of melee then you probably would have been offered a trial. We can however offer you a social spot with us if you are just looking for somewhere to chat and chill out.

I hope that explains the thought process behind our decision, and if any offence was given please know it was unintentional.



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I understand, thanks for your reply. Don't worry, I wasn't offended; just curious. I'll have to decline the social spot for now as I am already in a social guild with RL friends. Good luck on your mythic progression!

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