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Hello there!

Name: Nick

Age: 29

Location: Finland (but not FROM Finland, I am Dutch)

Character Name: Luthiën

Class: Monk

Spec(s): Mainspec Windwalker with some light Mistweaving on the side. Not geared for the latter.

Race: Human.

Gear:ën (I know some pieces aren't gemmed/enchanted, this is because I currently do not raid. Should my application be accepted, this will be fixed.)

I can probably attend the vast majority of raids for the full duration of the run. I don't have mumble, but I'm willing to get and use it. I was in Fracture raiding EN for a while. I quit raiding because of health issues I was having at the time, and then the guild dissolved for unrelated reasons. I am applying because I want to raid again, I've been feeling restless without anything to try and achieve in the game. I take my tea with lots of sugar, I have a major sweet tooth!

I enjoy collecting (and have a large collection of) achievements, mounts, pets and titles. I am also a big aficionado of PvP. Really love battlegrounds, enjoy Arenas a lot too.

Oh, and I've been playing since late vanilla, but only seriously raided in late WotLK and early Legion. I consider myself to be a capable player and like to do my boss research beforehand!

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