Social Application: Hinuvar

Name: Ömür Ayvaz

Age: 31

Location: Turkey

Character Name: Hinuvar

Class: Druid

Spec(s): Feral

Race: Night Elf

Why are you applying here? I started playing WoW in Burning Crusade. Played through all expansions until late times of Mists of Pandaria then I quit playing. I recently started playing WoW again and looking for a friendly place to settle.

How do you take your tea? Since I live in Turkey/Trabzon, my hometown is neighbor to Rize. And Rize is a place well known with major tea production! So yes, we LOVE tea in Black Sea and I like it sweetened!

Anything else you feel we should know? I am an old guildie of Celedor. We raided together long time. So I think he knows me and may vouch for me.

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That said, I totally vouch for Hinuvar.

And as many of you may know, my praise and endorsement does not come easily. ;)

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I assume this is a social application, so /w an officer in game for an invitation!

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