Casual/raider - Feral / Resto druid

The "who are you" bit

Name: Jonas Kousted Hansen

Age: 28

Location: Denmark

Character Name: Maruii

Class: Feral(Kitty) & Resto

Spec(s): either, no preference

Race: This is inappropriate?? Night Elf.

What's your gear like?: i'm currently leveling,so no bother.

The "Other stuff" bit

We raid Monday, Thursday and Saturday 20 - 23 Server. What level of attendance are you likely to make?

  • I doubt i'll be raiding anytime soon, but can make all days.

We use Mumble to communicate during raids, do you have it/can you get it and do you have a microphone?

  • Yes, i suppose people don't use vent anymore...

What other guilds have you been in, and why did you move on? -Thevikings - bc and start of wrath - (Left because i wanted to progress further in raids. Tried several times to progress with guild) -Utopia - wrath (left because the guild dismantled) -One Legacy - Officer lead the guild until end of Wrath. (Dismantled upon cataclysm release) -Thevikings - back in cataclysm returned to lead in raids(left because of inactivity) -Heroum filii - started this guild with a friend, and remained guild leader / Officer until mop (quit the game, left guild to my friend)

Why are you applying here?

  • Truth be told, i apply for one single reason. See when i first starting playing the game i'd sit on skype with a really dear friend of mine. We'd talk for hours, while grinding through quests, dungeons and eventually raids in BC and wrath. He's in the guild, (i looked him up, all stalker like) I've been hoping to catch up with him, since it's over half a decade we talked.

How do you take your tea? What about a good glass of wine? red? :D

Anything else you feel we should know? I'm a balanced person, and i don't want to invest to much time in the game again. However i do want to meet people, and have fun playing the game together again. That's why i'm joining, and why i'm not starting a new guild myself. I've been away from the game for so long, i'm just eager to get into it again :)

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Fixed it.

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Hi Maruii,

Thanks for your application, apologies for the delay - we'll get back to you shortly with a response.

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Hi Jonas,

your welcome to join us as a social, /w an officer for an invitation.

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The "who are you" bit

Name: Jonas Kousted Hansen

Age: 28

Hi Jonas Guess its me you are talking about. You are more than welcome to whisper me if I am online. Currently not so much since I guess everyone is just waiting for next release.

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