Social application (Tumberl)

The "Who are you" bit

Name: Michael

Age: 31

Location: London, UK

The "What you play" bit

Character Name: Tumberl

Class: Paladin

Spec(s): Prot, followed by holy/ret

Race: Dorf

What's your gear like?:

Random wol links if they help (from last I was active):

This is on my druid, Ryliana, but I'm not enjoying the class in BfA so am playing my paladin on whom I haven't raided.

The "Other stuff" bit

We raid Monday, Thursday and Saturday 20 - 23 Server. What level of attendance are you likely to make?

Applying as a social, in principal can make Mondays and Saturdays, but not looking to raid full-time.

We use Mumble to communicate during raids, do you have it/can you get it and do you have a microphone?

Yes and yes.

What other guilds have you been in, and why did you move on?

Ebon Flame most recently, though that was about a year ago; changed job and could no longer raid.

Why are you applying here?

Looks like a fairly prominent guild with enough active members so I can have some fun while levelling through BfA, partake of dungeon runs, mythic+, and potentially the odd heroic raid here or there if there is space.

How do you take your tea?

Milk no sugar, because I'm not an animal.

Anything else you feel we should know?

I have a feral druid housemate called "Colonel Cataffi";

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Hi Michael!

Thanks for your application, we'll take a look at it and get back to you soon.

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Hi Tumberl!

After having a look at your application we'd like to bring you on as a social member, whisper an officer for an invite and enjoy Battle for Azeroth!

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