After spoke with one of your member. I decide it's a time to make an application.

I'm a 41 years old Johanna behind the draenei arcane mage Kessandria. So far i'm leveling that tall blue mage.
I have a long history in wow, I started to play during the Lich King. (there is a funny story behind my first game session, a long one so I don't write it here) and i do have a very hmm...colourful guild history, so that's the reason why i'm looking for a guild with not so much guild drama and where I could start to raid again (doing that in cata) and finally settle down.

I have experience about guild leading (I still have my own guild but it's not active at the moment and it's my personal bank) and especially to be a guild banker. I'm not so good at tactics...I do learn but my learning is not so fast, and what comes for banking....I do know how to make money.

What is special in me? I can be very patience.....I have grinned Insane title, and i'm collector. I'm going to collect all gear. I have no idea will I ever end up my goal, but that's not important. Important is that how I will pursue my goal. I'm also very experienced in pet battles. hmm...what else I could tell about me.: that i'm totally Insane....I get wild ideas, harmless one...more like that I want to see can I really do that, like that collect all the available gear. I also love jokes...and I do come from Finland and I can speak hmm...3 language fluently, and i'm learning 3 languages more.

Let me know if you want to get a totally insane mage to your guild. I'm interesting in the raiding and well, the social role if fine for me too.... during these years, I have developed a social network, so I do hear chit-chat about the server social life.
and what comes for Wei Wu Wei reputation, I would be a proud to be a part of that magnificent guild p.s. tea? earl grey, hot with a dash of milk, Darjeeling? with honey plz

p.p.s. I hope I didn't embarrassing myself totally :D, never mind, i'm insane so doesn't matter :P

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Hi Kessandria, thanks for the application. We will get back to you soon.

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Hi Johanna,

We've had a talk about it and we won't be offering you a raiding spot with us this time.

However we would like to offer you a social spot, which would give you an opportunity to join us on our more relaxed/social raids occationally. I know this might not be the response you were hoping for and and understand if you would rather stay put. If you decide to take the social spot /w an officer in game for an invitation.


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