Cersii - some bad paladin

The "Who are you" bit

Name: Jonathan Age: 21 Location: Coventry

The "What you play" bit

Character Name: Cersii Class: Paladin Spec(s): Holy/something Race: Human What's your gear like?: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/t ... sii/simple

The "Other stuff" bit

We raid Thurs / Sat / Mon 20 - 23 Server (invites at 19). What level of attendance are you likely to make? Would be there 99% of the time I suspect, excluding the following week for uni assignments.

We use Mumble to communicate during raids, do you have it/can you get it and do you have a microphone? Yes and yes

What other guilds have you been in, and why did you move on? Spectral Agony - leader, we kind of died at cata due to people being epically slow at leveling

Why are you applying here? Forced blame your shaman, Kesari

How do you take your tea? I dont

Anything else you feel we should know? Not much I suspect, aside from the fact I've been inactive since I dinged 85

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As the worst Shaman EU - I can vouch for him ^^

This is also my irl friend that I mentioned to you Lu

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Thanks for the application, we'll review it and get back to you soon.


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Ooh, formatted. Best edit.

We'd like to offer you a trial, under the provision that you allow us to force some gear onto you as you're a touch behind where the rest of us are. Whisper an officer for an invite.

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