Raiding and social application

The "Who I am" bit

Name: John Age: 25 Location: Manchester

The "What I play" bit

Character Name: Neando Class: Warrior Spec(s): Fury, Prot Race: Human What's your gear like? ... ndo/simple

Character Name: Lân Class: Paladin Spec(s): Holy Race: dren What's your gear like? ... A2n/simple

The "Other stuff" bit

We raid Thurs / Sat / Tues 20 - 23 Server (invites at 19). What level of attendance are you likely to make? i can make all the raiding days at the moment but tue will have to drop tue when the clocks change

We use Ventrilo to communicate during raids, do you have it/can you get it and do you have a microphone? i know u use mumble, i can get it and be ready to talk.

What other guilds have you been in, and why did you move on? i was recently in conquest (its a social guild good fun and friendly) had my own guild Crystal Clear, obscure, couldnt make their times (this was naxx and ulduar)

Why are you applying here? i know squeaks from our midnight dungeoning in Wotlk, and im hoping to get some raiding in

How do you take your tea? 0 sugar lotsa milk!

Anything else you feel we should know? i knew squeaks and i like him

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