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Due to spam issues newly registered users go into a queue to be moderated before appearing, do not be alarmed if you application does not appear immediately

If you're after social membership just throw up a few lines telling us how awesome we are and who you know and why you want social membership, oh and what character(s) you want in on. We expect social members to have some connection to us already, while we may occasionally choose to offer social membership to people we don't feel we can offer a raid spot to, socials are not a waiting list to raid with us, they're people we know who for whatever reason aren't raiding.

Applications to raid with us should be completed using the template below, copying it and pasting it into a new thread in this forum.

It's worth bearing in mind that the way you fill in your application is the only indication we have about you, past being nosy at your armoury or the occasions where someone in guild is able to vouch for you already. I appreciate that filling in application forms is a pain in the rear, but it's the best tool we have, and a well written, checked application will be received much better than a hastily scrawled, unchecked one.

Application form

The "Who are you" bit




The "What you play" bit

Character Name:


Spec(s): (Please indicate which spec you consider your primary)


What's your gear like?: (link to armoury saves us some time)

The "Other stuff" bit

We raid Monday, Thursday and Saturday 20 - 23 Server. What level of attendance are you likely to make?

We use Discord to communicate during raids, do you have it/can you get it and do you have a microphone?

What other guilds have you been in, and why did you move on?

Why are you applying here?

How do you take your tea?

Anything else you feel we should know?

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