Computer crashes

Hey guys, I've got tonnes of .dmp files from all my computer crashes... just wondering if anyone here is able to interpret them and perhaps shed some light on whatevers going wrong?


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Typically .dmp files are only useful to the author of the program that crashes, but I can take a look if you want.

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New card installed!! Woooo!!!

No more Blue Screen of Death! ... or ... I dunno, there might be, I just can't tell with my PC just turning itself off instantly now whenever it feels like it.

Ho hum.

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Power supply?

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I'd try with a more powerful power supply, yeah. Modern graphics cards are power hogs like you wouldn't believe.

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Ok, ordered myself a 750W PSU, up from the 550W I had originally.

Frustration is, that even with the new PSU, I may still suffer from BSoD...

I know it's cheaper building a computer yourself, but at times like this I wish I had just bought an Alienware or something out the box. : /

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I built a computer once when I was a poor student. Never again.

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Ok, I have made some progress ... but it has raised my eyebrow ... see below:

So with the graphical lag solved in Warcraft, but still persisting in Starcraft, I decided to do a full reset.

Therefore, I reinstalled Windows, took all the steps with drivers I had done before, and then installed Starcraft, however, this still showed the graphical lag drops. And as you know, this managed to make things worse in WoW to the extent I was BSoD... so, in hindsight maybe I should have quit while I was ahead!

Anyway, moving on, my friend stopped round and we begun some investigations... with Resource Monitor up I played SC2. This was when I noticed a curious thing that coincided with the 'stalls' (as I shall now refer to them). The "Maximum Frequency" counter/line, on my CPU-Total window in Resource monitor, was showing a 50% drop every time a stall happened. The weird thing, is that this stall was happening at a set frequency, continuously whilst playing the game. About 30 seconds apart, give or take. See picture below:


Now, sh*t got even weirder when I realised that if I kept SC2 running in a Window, but I tabbed out and selected another window, the stalls stopped! I mean, literally stopped. Would not reoccur, as long as I had another window selected. Then as soon as I re-selected the SC2 window, they began again... with a continuous frequency. I could even click out to another window just before a stall was expected, and the stall would NOT occur.

Let me be clear, when I say I had the SC2 window open, it was displaying on fullscreen, with my units moving, harvesting, fighting, all in big screen glory.

Now, this to me indicates a Software issue, i.e. can't be over heating, because there shouldn't be any change in processing requirements, but I have updated all drivers. I've even tried systematically disabling sound and network drivers to see if it affects the games, and the stalls still keep occurring! ... as long as I have the window selected.

I've tried re-installing SC2 again, and, but that doesn't seem to have solved it.

So, without the above attempts of mine to fix it, putting anyone off... does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Does it do it with any other games?

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It affects, SC2, WoW and Vanilla WoW, but those are the only games I have. It doesn't however, seem to affect Chrome or any of my video editing softwares.

Maybe its a network thing...

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check wich program that hog all your memory (that makes it lagg) you can sort your prossesses by ram usage.

in some games you can setup how much fps you want in forground and background. look at that? D3 has that.

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