Top 10

Top 10 hit list with links, im sure we've done this before but its been a while.


  1. 'The Wizard Knight' by Gene Wolfe, brilliantly realised, interesting approach to cosmology/magic/the world and everything. Obviously fantasy.

2 'The Forever War' by Joe Haldeman, pretty cool psudo science/philosophy going on in this sic-fi novel.

  1. Sword of Shadows series by J.V.Jones, A much more mature and accomplished writing style than her earlier work (barbed coil - was super good and the book of words trilogy). Uncompromising epic fantasy, very believable characters, horrific acts described in uncomfortable detail. Sadly not yet finished - there is at least one unreleased novel.

  2. 'Breakfast of Champions' by Kurt Vonnegut. Excellent stream of connsiousness style modern fiction, though I have not read it he has more famous work in 'Slaughter house 5'

  3. The rigante series (sword in the storm/midnight falcon/stormrider/ravenheart) by David Gemmel, historical fantasy, very accomplished examples of a long career fantasy writer.

  4. the farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb aka Megan Lyndholm and the later Tawny man trilogy, though more famous for the liveship series and subsequent. Pretty solid and vividly realised fantasy.

7.Corum: the prince in the scarlet robe by Michel Moorcock, classic epic fantasy with a smidgeon of sci-fi cosmology et al.

  1. The hobbit, by whatshisface. a childhood favorite of mine, and still i think one of the best stand alone fantasy 'stories' around.

  2. To be continued.
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