Soooo, "Iron Tide has crashed into Azeroth" ?

How you find the changes ? Please elaborate...

How's the story unfolding?..

PS: please please bear in mind I left in 4.2 and my return to MoP showed that I don't want yet another farm sim )

I would definitely reinstall and renew the sub for WoD (for the story) I just wanted to ask - does it worth it to renew during pre-launch event ?

and... are the changes really thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat BIG ?

PPS: no controller support yet I guess? pity. D3: RoS on PS3 is waaay better than on PC.

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I've browsed the http://www.wowhead.com/news=242815/prep ... hievements and http://www.wowhead.com/news=243432/guid ... 2-prepatch

just wanted to ask your opinion )))

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and yes - I won't troll Blizz on new features they ...ahem... borrowed from other MMOs )))

I just want the goddamn controller support and port to PS4 !! ))

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>and yes - I won't troll Blizz on new features they ...ahem... borrowed from other MMOs ))) Ah, come on, like any MMO doesn't borrow from its predecessors. Also, how was MoP a farm sim? That's needlessly focusing on one optional feature, isn't it?

Anyway, the patch is... interesting.

The invasion event is nothing groundbreaking - go there, click these, kill them (lore: orcs are invading, break their stuff and kill them) - though it does give a few pieces of quest reward gear that will be tasty if you quit early in MoP and need to get up to speed. Also an achievement, a title (of the Iron Vanguard), and a couple of non-combat pets (tiny Iron Star war-ball doohickey, also apparently a bronze whelp as a rare drop?).

I haven't tried the level 90 UBRS yet, so I can't comment on that.

From my brief experience on each of my 12 90s, some classes seem mostly mechanically unchanged, some have been simplified with the removal/merging of an ability or three. Simpler to play on the whole, although Feral being simpler ironically disoriented the hell out of me, and Balance is just weird.

The stat squish is pretty crazy. The numbers have been scaled back a ton, which might be less noticeable if you didn't stick around for the end-of-expansion shenanigans where everything gets silly high, but it's still massively noticeable. Pre-Cata sort of numbers at least. Apparently they let you do inflated damage in old content to maintain your ability to solo what you could before, and Tempest Keep did seem to be more or less the same as before, so I guess that's worked out. Hotfixes are slowly catching the few remaining quirks that escaped the squish and so being unexpectedly deadly.

There are new player character models/animations. They're definitely higher-res, but whether or not they're better is a matter of taste. Some people hate the bouncier running animations, for instance. There is apparently an option to turn the new models off for yourself if you really want.

There's a vanity item collection tab (free up some bag space!), some more bag sorting features, and a dedicated reagent tab in your bank now.

Raid tuning is bizarre right now. Flex is now "Normal," Normal is now "Heroic" and scales up to 30 people (I think), and Heroic is now "Mythic" and is a fixed 20 people. We ran a "Heroic" raid night to try out the class changes, and it seemed undertuned compared to previously, even with people reacquainting themselves with their specs. At least, bosses died quickly - I can't speak from personal experience, but judging by the fact that people actually died, I don't think healing was as trivial. Oh, speaking of raids, you get a guaranteed 90-100 heirloom weapon drop from Garrosh on non-LFR difficulties per character and per difficulty from now until WoD. So that might be a factor.

The tl;dr is that stuff is easier and more convenient now. If you'd be inclined to call that "dumbed down," it's probably not for you. If you are inclined to come back, whether or not you come back for the pre-expansion event depends how much you care about the time-limited rewards (and the guaranteed heirloom from Garrosh), and how much time you want to re-orient yourself with the class changes/features and prepare for the actual launch day.

Also, surely WoW would take some serious altering to be viable on consoles? Reducing the number of abilities is a step towards making that possible, I guess, but don't expect it any time soon. It's still a massive game with much more content and complexity than your average console game, I think. Not easy to port at all, I would think.

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> Anyway, the patch is... interesting.

thanks ) you're the best

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