Heroes of the Storm - 4 Free Beta Keys

Sooooo..... as alpha-test & closed beta-test user, I've received e-mail from Blizz with 4 HotS Closed Beta Test Keys.

Anyone interested?

Brawling is better with buddies—now’s your chance to invite a few more friends to the Nexus! Below you’ll find 4 free beta keys; just hand them out and complete your ultimate Heroes of the Storm™ team.

Once you’ve selected your recruits, send them one of the beta keys below and have them go to http://www.battle.net/code. There they’ll be able to enter their key and jump straight into the action.

Please note that these keys will only work in the EU Battle.net account region.

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noone's interested? or everyone else is alpha-tester / bought Founders pack ? ))

btw in current beta state game seems to be even more polished and balanced..

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I had an early Alpha but thank you for the offer.

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Pass, but thanks dude. Never seem to have time for additional games! ; )

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Lvl 40 alpha player here ^^

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