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While WoW looks like a graphically intensive game it relies a lot on your processor, this is what makes it so backwards compatible and able to run on toasters. This processor is almost the absolute best that your motherboard can handle - The FX 8350. It uses the maximum amount of juice that your processor slot can handle. If you pick this you should also invest in a bigger or better CPU cooler. Here it is from Scan and Here it is from Amazon. Both are roughly £130.

That last processor alone takes up most of your budget. With the FX 6300 you'll still see a huge increase of performance but at a much nicer price point. Here it is from Scan and Here it is from Amazon. It's roughly £80.

So a processor is going to give you the most bang for your buck when you're talking about a pure WoW machine. The next thing to upgrade is your graphics card, this is where my knowledge falters a bit - I'm not great with AMD cards, I've just never owned one before, so I don't know the ins and outs. <Some time passes> The cards I've found have been underwhelming upgrades for the price. This is the bit where your motherboard is really holding you back - You've only got one graphics card slot and it's old tech, pcie 2.0 compared to today's 3.0. These days when peoples graphics cards are getting old and subpar the answer is simple: Buy a second card of the same type as your old one and run them in tandem, this almost doubles your graphical performance, but you don't have this option. So yeah, I've given up on this front, someone else is gonna have to weigh in.

Your RAM: this one is simple, and there are tons of options at a whole host of price points. Your motherboard can handle 16gb of ram in total across four slots, so you're going to want 4 sticks of 4gb. At the minute you have 4gb - If this is just one stick of ram then you can save some money and buy 3 more sticks OF THE EXACT SAME MODEL. I wouldn't suggest this though - your current ram runs at speed 667mhz which is terribly slow by today's standards, your motherboard can handle up to the maximum of 1800mhz but is most comfortable with 1333mhz. If you choose over 1333mhz then please ensure your cooling system is up to snuff and cleaned regularly. Here are your options from Scan and Here are your options from Amazon. You can't really go wrong with RAM as long as all your sticks are of the same exact model.

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