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I think Herf succinctly covered the majority of what I would've brought to this discussion but I echo all the above upgrading parts will work out more expensive in the long run... any newer graphics card and by new you want to be looking at 900 series Nvidia standard at least to avoid throwing bad money after good.

Most of which will be throttled by your CPU which is whats holding your rig back, all MMO's are tied to CPU speed all a graphics card does is render, those render operations have to be processed in order to get to your display as well as information sent to the card to render so imagine trying to fit an elephant through a hosepipe and that's essentially what you would do by replacing your card only.

For low budget look for i5 equivalent mobo/cpu builds which will allow you to attach a powerful enough card to your system in order to get your ultra settings. (provided you up clock the CPU a little, depending on its age)

i7 is what I would advise for example I picked up an i7 gaming laptop for my missus cost me about £700 from and it runs WoW/SWTOR and various other games maxed out with zero issues. You will be able to get an equivalent system out of a build for around the same price (cheaper if you carry over drives and other periphals from your current system).

But in short your system above:

Motherboard - Old and operating at more or less its peak due to CPU CPU - It benches below an i6 by a significant margin RAM - 4 gig used to be a large amount 6 years ago now its baseline while not massively important more speeds up loading times GPU - My bench values it at $24 and about 5% of a Nvidia Geforce GTX960 may seem replacing this is a no brainer but your CPU will throttle anything much higher than it. Drives - In my opinion SSD's are a luxury not a necessity so dont worry too much about them if you fix the core of your desktop a 7200rpm 2 TB SATA will serve you fine. (Clicky for example)

I would advise looking at Scan's 3XS "overclocked bundles" you can re-configure them in the way you want according to your budget and they come pre-built and pre clocked like this

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