ARK: Survival Evolved

Dinosaurs and Defecation Oh My!!

Hey all I know 6.2 is nigh and thus the revival of a raid completion push is soon upon us but I was recently gifted a copy of the above mentioned game and those if you that may have my Steam ID will have seen me sinking some time into this.

Its a game that has to be experienced to get it fully but long story short its like Minecraft, RUST, Reign Of Kings, Space Engineers, DayZ and H1Z1 had a baby added dinosaurs and poop(literally... theres a button to make you poop)(yes it hilarious)(yes its childish)(no I don't care)

Anyways... for those of you that might want to give this a go hit me up on Steam currently rolling under the moniker KittyRIP just look for my avatar ---->

Its remarkably well rounded out for an Early Access game and have enjoyed my play sessions on it massively game really opens up once you start taming and riding Dinosaurs (yes even T-Rexes) mostly dossing on some of the official servers currently OfficialServer398 (or something like that) setting up base/tribe near the south coastal area. Might be a flash in the pan game thought so since Alpha testing but the dev team are so far been really good on getting updates out there also its just plain fun to play!

For those that like videos Video may contain profanity and defacation

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Bumping this up as would love for some of ya'll to try this out.

Basically started with a large group of friends on a new server where things in general are faster gathering, grinding exp etc so its easy to catch up and contribute.... as well as join in with the raids on other tribes bases. But the more the merrier and I reckon at least one or two of you fine ladies and gents would enjoy this game. PVE + PVP like Rust/DayZ but alot better and with Dinosaurs to ride around on

Also they added giant apes that can throw you over yeah theres that

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I think this would be worth a shot to serve as filler until Terraria 2.

I mentioned it on the steam group too. I dunno about PVP, but the idea of a big world with big dino's for us all to explore sounds cool. However, I admit I didn't feel like giving this game a chance with the influx of both open-survival games and dino-gimmick games on steam these days. Maybe this one will be the one..

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I'm not going to take the plunge until others do. If the game turns out to be not-my-style then I'll keep playing only if there are other people I know to interact with. So yeah, I need others to sign up first.

You need to give us the info on your new server T, so we can join you.

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I am with Herf, I have stayed quiet as wanting the group interaction so if people are joining I dont mind coming along and happy to assign an evening like we did with Terreria.

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Its free to play for one more day so ill check it out

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ive been playing this for the last few weeks on xbox one and my god the improvements that have been made are amazing boats flying on terodactlys giant egles i am really loving this game the dev team are well on making new updates fixings issues that might arrise if anyone has this for xbox add my gamer tag its scope2151 we have a tribe we have shotguns we have rocket launchers we can kit you out and we can go take over the other tribes

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wish there were timestamps on the actual posts... psoted this over 6 months ago have since then played this game to death and gotten incredibly bored of it.

I will admit it was a great game and I enjoyed it immensely when I was playing it... but yeah can't see myself getting back into it... would be like going back to DayZ after all this time

Oh and the island gets small real fast once you get Argentaevis's.

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