Some of us are playing Terraria! It's something like £7 on Steam, or the equivalent in your regional currency.

Terraria is a randomly generated world in which you dig, build, fight, loot and try to survive. There are an absolute ton of monsters, even wider variety of loot and tons of places to explore. The biggest source of fun is doing all of this with friends! (Simon / Demodan has already died more times than everyone else put together!)

Last night we jumped on just to check out the Steam connectivity and it worked beautifully! If you ever tried to play before and had to mess about with port forwading or Hamachi then don't worry because that's not a thing anymore. If you own the game on Steam it's now piss easy to connect to other people's worlds.

Last night saw Nath, TJ, Bara, Simon, Chris and myself playing - We are getting together again on Sunday at 1700 ish server time to play again.

Join Us

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Oo, I'm interested in playing

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I wanna join every time that level is up, or any other if it changes.

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Alarik feel free to add me on Steam, if you search for Herf I'm the one with a picture of a grinning skull with eyes. Join us on Sunday!

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Anyone is welcome to add me on Steam also

Drakeo (solider from Company of Heroes is my Avatar)

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Also we now have this : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/weiwuweiguild

The admin is pretty shit tho

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Dat first commenter though... what a guy..

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Sounds fun, though very limited on free time. Don't wait on me!

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Couldn't sleep last night so I did some basics in our world. I increased the amount of npc housing in our Habbo Hotel, flattened out the land to the left and right of spawn to plant trees.

I'll probably be playing Saturday day time too. If a lot of people aren't around then I'll just keep doing mundane stuff like making a mushroom farm, preparing a garden, planting more trees. Ooh, I'll make a super basic arena for Eye of Cthulhu too, he'll be showing up any night now. I can't remember what exactly causes him to spawn but I think it's got something to do with max health, and I'm pretty sure Lu's character meets the requirements.

If I get all that done then I'll try and find the dungeon, start digging a safety hole to protect the jungle, start digging a minecart shaft to quickly go east and west etc. Y'know, all the stuff that has to be done but isn't exploring or fighting monsters

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Spawn The Eye of Cthulhu can be summoned manually using a Suspicious Looking Eye at Night. It also has a 1 in 3 chance of spawning automatically each night once the following conditions are met:

  • At least one player in the world has at least 200 life and more than 10 defense.
  • At least three Town NPCs are acquired.
  • The Eye of Cthulhu has not yet been defeated in the current world.
  • Its approach is signaled with the message: "You feel an evil presence watching you..." Within 20-40 seconds of this message, the Eye of Cthulhu will appear and begin attacking the player. If the Eye is not defeated by dawn, or if all players die or run away while fighting it, it despawns.

I am about 160 health from hearts I picked up in the travels in your game, ie when you all left me alone and looted everything

On note of basic play I was planning to pop on tonight and do some basic stuff but mine was hunt for ore spots avoiding combat but happy to help you craft the world

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Current state of the game: We pillaged the jungle and killed teh Queen Bee a hundred times for her lovely tasty honey flavoured loot. We pillaged the only two Sky Islands in our world (Boo) and then we ransacked the dungeon in record time.

Then we murdered the Wall of Flesh a few times, but we need to kill him more for more class emblems for people. Our world is now in hard mode which means there are tons of new monsters and they are all really bloody tough. They have tons of health, really high defense and do tons of damage.

Our current health max is 300, please stop popping hearts when you reach that number. When everyone is equal at 300 then we will be free to pump to 400 (the absolute max for red hearts).

While I was building solo stuffs I got attacked by a fucking pirate army and a flying pirate ship with side-mounted cannons. These guys tore me apart like nobodys business - I've got some items to summon more invasions, I think it's gonna be a ton of fun with friends. The pirate invasion dropped two mechanical boss summoning items, the skull and the eyes.

I also got attacked by a new mechanical worm boss : He also killed me, but I soloed him down to half health which I was pretty proud of.

Three new ores have appeared in our world, we need lots of them, although we can't even mine one of them just yet.

Our current goals: Get the new ore for drills, repeaters, armour etc. Pillage the jungle (again) for golden hearts, the new jungle ore, and to kill Plantera. After killing Plantera we can then enter the Jungle Temple. We should also go back and visit the dungeon to kill all the new hard mobs for their super awesome drops.

Our world is changing rapidly!

Anyone up for Saturday day time?

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I cannot do the daytime on weekends as I got Rosie over, Sunday evening is best time for me.

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I'm game

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I might pop on but you guys are flying so far ahead I felt like a total noobie coming on last time in my plat armour and you all flying around like pro's... I will remedy this though and join you on the weekend

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Khondurt we always farm extra gear to catch people up. You're not behind - You just haven't looted our chests yet!

I REALLY need a Yoyo Glove - this item is sold by a trader than randomly appears undearground, he's the skeleton merchant. If you let him go off your screen he will disappear. If you see this item for sale on any of your worlds PLEASE pick it up for me.

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