Final Fantasy XIV

Was just wondering, is there any guildies playing FFXIV ? As I bought the new expansion and some gametime to give it a go again as WoW really doesn't ahve anything to give me in it's current state(guild raids are the only exception) Really cheap at kinguin atm, Expansion+FFXIV+30days gametime 23€ if I remember correctly, or then expansion+60days game time was around 30e

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Meh, i looked at the gameplay and found it to be too "Automated". For me that makes it feel like you are not the one actually "playing". Hack and slash games such as Kingdom Hearts, DMC and such are awesome because it feels meaningfull and requires combinations instead of just the press of a button.

Looks visually compelling though

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I have flirted with the idea of getting it but have as thus avoided due to having the "fear" (of getting too hooked) as well as FF... well I only like a few of the era's and having a brand new era and lore is kinda... meh to me... if it was set in FF7, FF8 or FFX times then yeah would be more interested I guess.... I like a world I can identify with

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I played a lot until very recently (playing FFXI again now) - it's fantastic.

Pro points:

  • Story is amazing
  • Classes have proper synergy and are very in depth if you decide to learn them properly
  • Absolutely tons to do, quests everywhere, many alternatives to raiding at end-game
  • Crafting is so in-depth it will blow your minds
  • Same with gathering, actually - at higher level
  • Minions, mounts, achievements... all that completionist crap people love
  • Brilliant update schedule, minor patches every month or so, major ones every 3 months. Major patches push the story on, add new dungeons, etc.


  • It's better than WoW and you'll never want to play it again.

There's more, but I am trying to do this on my phone so just ask...

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I played it enough to get a level 50 white mage in ARR. I haven't got the expansion yet but I'm thinking about it so I can experience the story. I also really really like the character design (catgirls woo)

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