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Imagine if Meccano and Lego had a baby... A really violent baby, with guns: That's Robocraft.

Build your vehicle. Do you want to move around the map by wheels? Treads? Do you want to hover over the ground? Or fly like a helicopter, or zoom like a plane? Maybe you'd like spider legs on your robot so he can walk sheer surfaces. All of these are possible.

Arm yourself. Do you like to snipe? The rail gun is for you. Do you like to bomb people? That's plasma. Do you like rapid fire laser guns? That's SMGs. Maybe you prefer to heal your allies (or laser your enemies to death in close range)? That's Nanotech. Then there's the "ram them and pray" style of play that encompasses Teslas.

There's spotting, radars, radar jammers, radar receivers, armoured blocks, helium blocks, break-away blocks, propellers, thrusters, ejector seats, core-ing, teamwork, no friendly fire, there are weird small shields that can absorb a hit and then take 15 seconds to recharge. There is death from above, death from the sides, there are small-scale flanking maneuvers and also team-wide flanking maneuvers.

There are a few different modes to play, Battle Mode is by far the best. Each map has a base for each team and three points of interest to control. You get more bonuses for controlling more of these points. You "overclock" (Read: Level up) inside of matches to a maximum of 13. Capture points, harrass enemy until you're Overclocked to 13, then go and destroy the enemy base. There are other game modes but they suck in comparison.

The game is free and runs like a dream for me.

I initially thought this game was a rip-off of World of Tanks and Mechwarrior but it's not, it's really not. It's got just as much depth as those games, it just focuses the depth on building your bot well. A well-built bot is a beautiful thing.

Play this game if you like pointing your cursor at stuff and watching it explode in incredibly satisfying chunks.

I also like this game because I kick absolute ass at it, (40 kills to 0 deaths in a match last night)

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