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I gave this a shot for an hour or so tonight. I had no idea how to build a robot, replace parts on my robot or improve the existing setup, nor could I find any information about it. But I tried taking the first one that was in my garage for a spin none the less. I had no idea what I was doing, what the objectives were or how to accomplish them. And neither did anyone else, I think. We won that game, but I'm still not sure why. I drove around shooting whatever I could find, but most of the time I didn't really have any indication of where the fighting was and how to win the game. But it seemed to be very effective to just blast off the guns of anyone I met with 2 seconds of concentrated SMG fire, and then watch them being helpless from then on. Several times I also lost my tracks and/or could only drive forwards and backwards, or did it to someone else. I'm not sure I like the way module damage works in that way. I seems a bit too easy to cripple each other. Even getting to almost level 3 after that game, I didn't unlock anything new I could do with my little buggy, and I didn't seem to have any other useful stuff to stick onto it, so I called it a night there.

It seems like an alright little game. But I don't think it has much hope in luring me away from my hidden Stug and crouching Tiger in World of Tanks.

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