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It seems a few of us dabble a bit in tabletop wargaming with miniatures. I myself have played way too many gaming systems, and have collected armies for several factions in many of them. Nowadays I spend more time painting the miniatures than playing with them, and have sold off a lot of them, focusing on games that require a smaller amount of minis at a time or that are in a smaller scale.

But here are a few samples of some of my stuff from various different games: Malifaux: A skirmish game in a steampunk/victorian alternate dimension

Marcus, Zoology Professor with a tendency to go "full native" with the beasts he's studying

Nicodem, embalmer and undertaker. Sadly, he often chooses to raise his customers as zombies in his endeavours to take over and rule the world'

Mortimer, Nicodem's faithful but rather dim-witted assistant. Digs graves during the day, digs them up during the night

Nicodem with his Undead minions.

Seamus the Mad Hatter. Haberdasher who loves pretty things. Sadly, he often decides to shoot pretty ladies to raise them as zombies and using them as mannequins for the pretty dresses he makes.

Warmachine: Slightly larger scale game with robots and magic

Garryth, Blade of the Retribution. An elf warrior-monk who fanatically hunts humans with magic ability.

Adeptis Rahn, Battle Mage and master of Telekinesis and Force.

2 Myrmidons, robots powered by the magic of Ley Lines. Controlled by a warcaster, like Rahn or Garryth above

Stormfall Archers, also from the Retribution of Scyrah.

Magnus the Traitor, using some warjacks (the robots) that are slightly less "tech-y"

Other than these two games, I have (or have had at least) armies for Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl, Flames of War and a bucketload of smaller games that never really took off.

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