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This....this is awesome.

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My knowledge about painting miniatures is close to 0 but i can imagine all the patience, time and effort that went into these - they're looking amazing!! Do show more, i'd love to see them.

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I found some Blood Angels hidden away in a box. So I might just paint those up and maybe try out a game of this "40k" that all the kids are talking about these days. I had way more models than I remembered, most of them only needing a slight touch-up here and there to reach a standard worthy of fielding on the table.

I also found a pic of this young lady lying around:

Elara, wicked elf with knivesElara, from behind

She's an elf. With knives. And goggles. She likes stabbing things.

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alt text

A slightly blurry shot of Sunday's game where Theresa's Imperial Guard and my Minotaur Space Marines faced off (and lost) against the perfidious Dark Eldar and a slightly confused Robute Guilliman.

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I got (some of) my Warrior-Monks lined up for a quick photoshoot.

Here's a crappy wide shot of the whole army:

Wide Shot

Here's some Tactical Space Marines, a Baal Predator (the tank) and a Furioso Dreadnought (the big thing with the claws):


And some Vanguard Veterans:


And some Sternguards, with special appearances of a few Terminators, a few Sanguinary Guard, a Demolisher Tank and some Assault Marines:


They only need a few touch ups here and there, then they'll be finished and ready to do battle and purge the heretics and aliens in the name of the Holy Emperor and our beloved Sanguinius. Turns out I have a lot more models than these that are also very close to being finished.

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It is that its all so technological based, else I would've liked Warhammer a lot more I suppose. It was fun to read the wiki about the Holy Emporer and some random stuff though.

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Here's some of the fantasy stuff I have worked on...

Star Priest



Saurus Warriors


And a little preview of something I am working on now...

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very nice star space effect on the lizard men dan. Thats a pretty tidy BA face as well cel! My guard are horribly rag tag, one day i'll finish the cold on rough riders and tidy up the rank and file enough to post a picture.

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This thread needs more Grimgor

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I built this guy from bass strings, green stuff, and bits out of the bits box, full process is in this album:

I'm planning on converting a whole Dark Mechanicus army for 40k, this was the test model. Waiting for bits to turn up from ebay for the rest now!

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Creative, I like it. ANOTHER!

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Dan. Paint my stuff.

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You'd be waiting an eternity... I can't use armies with high model count because I can never finish painting them!

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