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The website is dead, long live the website!

In what was actually a reasonably quick turn around, and well in-time for Legion, welcome to the new website.

Gone is the old 6-year old phpBB installation that we upgraded that one time, and the old homepage, and in its place we have built a fully integrated custom system. I hope you like it, if you have any feature requests feel free to make a post in this thread and it might happen. You never know.

Account Management & Armoury Integration

Everything you need to edit can be done on the Edit Profile page.

If you are a raider you will be required to select your main raiding character and role here. This is integral to the raid sign up system which will be explained in more detail prior to raiding launch in Legion.

If you have a YouTube channel or Twitch stream, please fill out these fields - if we have enough people broadcasting on these channels I would love to have a streams page on the site where we can highlight people streaming. This could also aid in recruitment and attracting people to the site, so if you are capable of streaming and think it would be something you would enjoy in Legion, I encourage you to try it out!

Forums & Posting

phpBB is dead, with it the full-editor with all your buttons and fancy bbcode. Anywhere you can comment or make posts now supports markdown. Those of you familiar with reddit should already be set to go. It's not very difficult - you'll pick it up quickly.

You should have access to the forums you had access to previously, if not then just let me know.

The Raiding forum is for archive purposes only, all sign ups will be handled by the raid sign up system now instead.

Features Requested / Known Issues List

You can see the full issue list on GitHub, which is also a to-do list of sorts. Currently work in progress items are below. Anything not listed here is considered minor / less important and will be addressed as and when.

  • News archive

Change Log

v0.5 - 17/08/16

Minor updates.

  • Roster came back
  • Added ability to replace the server under your character name with a tag
  • Fixed bug with commenting on raids on mobile

v0.4 - 28/07/16

Added Discord integration for raid notifications, more details will be coming soon.

  • Messages posting to Discord channel when a raid is created.
  • Added an unresponded raid indicator to the menu bar on mobile

v0.3 - 25/07/16

Few more minor tweaks.

  • People with the officer role have a star by their portraits to assist FNGs.
  • There is now a (#) indicator after the raid link in both navs to show if you have unresponded raids.
  • Shuffled people on the roster page. I liked always being first, but this is probably better.

v0.2 - 22/07/16

Fixed a couple of issues.

  • You should now have a (#) indicator after forums you have unread posts in on the forum index.
  • Blockquotes look nicer.

v0.1 - 18/07/16

We are a go!

  • Disabled old site and forums. You can access them in read-only mode for a few months to get any PMs you may need.
  • Imported threads and posts, wiping peoples important beta testing.

v0.0.3 Beta - 15/07/16

  • Fixed large images breaking threads on mobile, and somewhat on large screens too. Thanks Cel.
  • Implemented wowhead tooltips. The 5 Ring
  • Updated error pages.
  • Made it clearer that URLs are prepended to profile fields.

v0.0.2 Beta - 14/07/16

Made things more mobile friendly mostly.

  • Updated forum index to show the time the last post was made, partial fix towards having a proper indicator when there is an unread post.
  • Made forum index and thread view more mobile friendly.
  • Added an indicator to the raid index page to show if you have responded to a raid or not.
  • Changed the markdown implementation to one that actually works.
  • Warcraft Logs integration started. You can see boss fights and the log. It should pick it all up automatically.

v0.0.1 Beta - 13/07/16

The first feature complete version of the website that was released to the guild in general for testing purposes.

  • Import of user accounts from old forums
  • Import of forum threads and posts from old forums
  • New forums
  • Armoury integration
  • Raid sign up system
  • News posting
  • Admin tools for all of the above
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