The Tomb of Sargeras - Audio Book Series

Hi guys, I thought just incase anyone is interested in something like this there is currently Part one, two and three of this little audio series being released by Blizzard on their Youtube channel and it's really nice; gives a story into Gul'dans actions of finding the tomb of Sargeras and Khadgars search for him on the Broken Isles. Here's a link to the first part where you'll also find the other recent parts. It seems like a nice way to get more immersed into the beginning of Legion; the Tomb of Sargeras and the Broken Isles :) (It's narrated in a way a little like the 'Lords of War' series)

Edit: It seems they are also releasing one new audio everyday of this week from what I've been told. So that's nice you don't have to wait days and days for the next :)

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I'm waiting to finish the Illidan book before I start on these, and the comics, and the other stuff they have put out lore related... From what I have read they sound pretty good though!

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I've listened to the first 4 parts and it was indeed awesome.

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I freaking love this! I never expected to enjoy an audio drama, but this was very well written and voiced. (though I would've preferred other people voicing the characters instead of the narrator doing them all.

Also, on a side note: Anyone else feel like Khadgar suddenly forgot how to use AoE spells?

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Yeah the one guy voicing everyone seemed a little off, still nonetheless was a good little story :) I'm not sure about the AoE spells I thought using his elementals was a safe idea to flush him out :S But, I hope they do something like this again in Legion :D

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I enjoyed it :D

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