Guild "Rules"

General attitude and behaviour I expect everyone on guild, social or raider to behave in a polite and civilised manner. The rules section isn’t overly long because there’s a simple underlying principle. Don’t be a dick. We are, I hope, pro. It’s short for professional, behave as such.

Talking to Lu If you’ve got a problem with something guild related, please talk to me about it. I’m not gonna promise to fix it, but I will listen to it and if it’s bothering you, do my best to resolve it. If you feel you can’t talk to me about it, please poke one of the officers instead. We’re not /that/ scary, and I'd rather people didn't suffer in silence.

Bank Please don’t put crap in my bank. Thanks. If it’s not relevant to current endgame raiding, it doesn’t belong there. Things that are okay: Herbs for flasks, enchanting mats, high level greens for DE, things that make useful food. Things I don’t want: Low level greens, fish, food, TBC crafting mats (I’m looking at you nether vortex), fishing rods, level 15 elixirs, photos of you and Drell on holiday, that kind of stuff.

Raiding – Prep

I expect people to be ready for a raid fifteen minutes before raid start. “Ready” in this case means having food, flasks, Omen and DBM installed and up to date and preferably at or near the instance. I appreciate a number of factors from the outside world will conspire to stop everyone being ready at that time every time, but please do what you can. If you know you’re not going to be able to log on until quarter to, it’s an excellent look to get food and flasks and park yourself before you log out.

It’s a fifteen minute window to assemble in, if everyone’s ready at ten to, that’s when we’ll start. Logging in unprepared, in Ironforge, expecting a summon but only after you’ve bought flasks at one minute to is not a pro look.

Raiding – Loot

Loot will be allocated on a “Roll for main spec, then roll for off spec” basis, with a healthy dose of common sense. Raiders get priority over trialists. I expect you to know what’s good for you in terms of items, and to take into consideration what other people might be wearing before you roll. Again, don’t be a dick. My interest is in having the best geared team, not the best geared individuals, so I will occasionally ask you to pass gear to people who will be making a much larger upgrade than you would, I won’t do this very often but it will happen, and I expect you to either take the decision with good grace or present a clean argument as to why the gear would serve best with you if you disagree.

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Hmm, Dan, I appear to have lost my ability to sticky things? Or I'm being an idiot.

Also at the rest of you, if I'm missed anything, prod me or post below, it's a re-write of what we had before but I've probably forgotten something.

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No, apparently I can't sticky it either. Looking into it.

Edit: fix't

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>Hmm, Dan, I appear to have lost my ability to sticky things...

It's so awesome to see what happens to the most innocent sentences if you stick "...if you know what I mean!" at the end!

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Please also remember the guild bank exists for things to be taken out off not just put in. It's intended to lessen the cost of keeping your gear upto date/enchanted/geared/glyphed etc.

Whilst we can't pay for every gem, we'll probably be able to cut it for you so check with guild/officers if you do need anything.

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Yah, more than happy to grab stuff for guildies when I'm around. Except the Salmon. THAT'S MY SALMON!

Okay, you can have the salmon.

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